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Ranelle Golden

What do you get when you pair Ranelle with a microphone? Authentic, down-to-earth conversations with an award-winning Screenwriter, Director, Producer, and Author.

She is bold, energetic, an expert in communications, and an amazing conversation starter; she knows all about independent cinema, believes in supporting new talent, and is none other than the award-winning writer, producer, and author, as you probably would have guessed by now: Ranelle Golden. A strong advocate for supporting new talent, the seasoned filmmaker recently made a banging entry into the digital space of the entertainment industry with the launch of her podcast, Movie Making with Ranelle Golden.

Ranelle Golden has written over 60 screenplays, and spent the last 14 years perfecting her craft as an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. With over 20 years of knowledge in the creative fields, her experience additionally extends to novel writing, with the release of her book, “Twin Curse: The Rise of Percupus" (Available on Amazon and Kindle), as well as her earlier children’s books, "The Frog Prince" and "The Shy Boy".  Ranelle Golden is truly a "creative" who has had experience in every division of the industry - music, writing, television and film. Coupled with drive and ambition,  she is unstoppable.

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